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Our Services

At Healthy Mind, we understand that each of our clients' conditions and situations are different. For this reason, we customize our services according to their needs. We do this by first letting them go through an assessment. With this, they will go through interviews and may take certain evaluative tests. This is also helpful because they'll be given a chance to express their emotions, thoughts, and beliefs about what they are going through.

We provide trhe following services:

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Telepsychiatry/ Telemedicine

Making behavioral health care more accessible.

patient speaking with therapist

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Beginning with understanding clients’ condition.

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Psychogenomic Testing

Taking into account the role of genes in treatment.

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Medication Management

Prescribing medications for symptom management.

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Helping patients understand their condition and treatment.

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Supportive Therapy

Supporting clients in their endeavor for self-improvement.